Startup Mom
A blog based on my experiences building ParentScheduler

So many trees, where is the forest??

01 Oct 2020, 3 minutes read

About user feedback, user testing and determining the next step.

What The Books!

06 Sep 2020, 3 minutes read

A review of startup related books I’ve read and my key takeaways from each

I Go Slower

27 Aug 2020, 3 minutes read

About why I work less hours and why it means I get more done

Tell Me Why

09 Aug 2020, 3 minutes read

About me trying to get feedback. What I tried, what I did wrong and how I eventually fo...

The Eventual Perfectionist

03 Aug 2020, 4 minutes read

About not being a perfectionist right now so eventually you can create something amazing

All The Single Ladies Founders

27 Jul 2020, 3 minutes read

About why I’m a solo founder and why you probably shouldn’t be

Make The Wrong Mistakes

20 Jul 2020, 5 minutes read

About right mistakes, wrong mistakes and why you should do both

If You Build It. If They Come.

14 Jul 2020, 3 minutes read

About the two types of mistakes first time founders tend to do in their early stage sta...

What About Funding?

06 Jul 2020, 4 minutes read

Some funding considerations you should think about when you start a startup

What You Need to Start a Startup

28 Jun 2020, 3 minutes read

Do you have to start with a great idea? Not necessarily